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Wayback Wednesday: When Akshay Kumar Was REJECTED By His First Date For THIS REASON!

Akshay Kumar is the asli Khiladi… with his handsome looks, charismatic presence and superstar swag!

He is married to the fiery and funny Twinkle Khanna and the duo make for one of the most adorable and powerful B-Town couples.

Akshay Kumar was rejected by the first girl he dated

But did you know there was a time when Akshay Kumar…. wasn’t exactly the smooth talker that he is today? Yes, that’s right? He got dumped by the first girl he dated – because he was way too shy to make any MOVES!

When Akshay Kumar appeared on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ to promote ‘Housefull 4’, he had shared his funny rejection story- 

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“My initial date experiences – the girl rejected me because I kept saying ‘Look, how people are staring!’. I went to see 3-4 films with her, took her to Madras Cafe, Udipi restaurant. The problem was that I was too shy. I never kept my arm around her shoulder or held her hand. She wanted me to hold her hand or kiss her. I never did… so she left me!”

Well, apparently he did manage to sweet-charm his way into his wife’s heart, later on, so all’s well! Akshay-Twinkle, who got married in 2001, recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary on January 17. 

Akshay married Twinkle Khanna on 17 January 2001

The Laxmmi actor had the sweetest post for his wife:

“The surest I’ve ever been of a partnership…twenty years of togetherness and you still make my heart flutter and sometimes even drive me up the wall but then again I wouldn’t have it any other way coz a smile is never far when you are near♥️ Happy anniversary Tina.”

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